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7 Reasons You Want Geniecast On Your Team

Our Mission. Our Voice. Our Logo. Why you should care about each of them.

When you’re choosing a company to work with, personality often plays a role in your decision.

Let’s say you’re planning a virtual or hybrid conference for your company and you’ve been tasked with making it an engaging and memorable experience for everyone involved. You’ve identified several vendors who seem like a good match, but how do you make your final selection? Ask yourself the question: Who do I want to work with?

Here are seven reasons why you should want to work with us:

Our VISION is grand. We aspire to initiate positive change in organizations and people’s lives by making content and conversations accessible to everyone.  

Our MISSION is simple. We transform the way the world connects people with ideas, insights, expertise, and entertainment. How? WE MAKE VIRTUAL EASY.

Our VOICE is friendly and fun. What does that mean for you? Your dedicated team is intelligent, spirited, edgy, clever, witty, cool, global, and relevant.

Our ATTITUDE is “If it’s possible, we will do it.” How? Because today we find a way to be better than yesterday. We think big. We operate with integrity. And we deliver flawlessly.

Because you don’t have all the answers, and we know who does. Our GENIES connect, converse, and transform. The best minds are with you so you can access, elevate, inspire, invigorate, experience, engage, interact, and enlighten.

Our LOGO. Good stories don’t always need words. Human imagination can often connect the dots of a story with only a few key elements. Our logo is a combination of three things: the three bars of a Wi-Fi icon, an eyeball to signify face-to-face connection, and fire to represent the Genie we make appear. Together, these elements reflect the innovative, imaginative spirit of our company and the transformative experiences that we aim to deliver.

Our PROMISE. At Geniecast we strive to offer client services through great people and clever technology, one transaction at a time. From a warm welcome to individualized attention, we engage with you, one connection at a time. And, when you least expect it we plan to surprise you with an extra touch, one experience at a time.

We’re Geniecast – The Virtual Experience Company. And we’re confident that you’ll want to work with us!


Meet the Author

Kelly Weber

Kelly Weber

Vice President of Client Services

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