World-class speakers and thought leaders delivered in stunning augmented reality.

Find out how L’Oreal USA used APiR™ to take their leadership conference to the next level. Rub the lamp below, your wish is our command.

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Real-time Engagement

Geniecast merges cutting-edge augmented and mixed reality with world-class production to create an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Imagine face-to-face, real-time engagement with a lifelike representation of an expert, speaker, or thought leader standing hundreds or thousands of miles away.

When Experts APiR™, Audiences Engage

Geniecast provides an innovative and immersive virtual experience by bringing top experts, thought leaders, and celebrity talent to your audience through cutting-edge event technology including innovative two-way video, augmented placement and mixed reality.

We merge the real and virtual worlds to produce an environment where physical and digital objects co-exist in real-time.

APiR™ – Anywhere, Anytime

Placement of a person and/or animation into a physical space, transported onstage in a semi-transparent form. Great for live events, conferences, exhibits, trade shows and more.

  • Real-Time 3-D Augmented Reality and Animations
  • Live, Virtual Conversations
  • Multi-Site Live Broadcasts
  • Live Presenters & Panel Discussions

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