Glossary of Terms

AssetsAssets are any content that goes into the Cast. Everything from photos, logos, and copy for the Access Page to PowerPoints, videos, Run of Show, and production pieces. Most assets are created by the Client, as they are the masters of that knowledge. However, Geniecast is here to provide guidance on the best practices.
Asset ReviewCast Principals meet to walk through any assets – slide decks, videos, audio, etc. – to ensure everything is working properly.
CastThe live event.
Cast PrincipalsThe core people involved in the planning leading up to the Cast or the live Cast itself. This includes but is not limited to Client planners, Client Speakers, Genies, moderators, Geniecast producers, and Geniecast client managers.
Client Experience Manager The Client’s point of contact who will walk with them through the entire process. The Client Experience Manager takes the Client’s vision and content and works with the Geniecast Production team to bring it to reality.
Discovery Call The Sales lead, Client planners, Client Experience Manager and producer meet on a call to gather additional information and understanding about the goals of the Cast. This allows the Geniecast Team to provide better direction to the Client planners about platforms best suited for their Cast.
Early LoginCast Principals log in 30 to 60 minutes prior to the Pre-Cast slides and/or video (assets showing while attendees join). This allows the producer to double check the environment and equipment the Event Principals are using to ensure everything is ready to go.
Genies The talent you can book through Geniecast including thought leaders, athletes, keynote speakers, celebrities, best-selling authors, and experts.
Kickoff CallThe Client planners, Client Experience Manager and producer meet on a call to go into details about the upcoming Cast, walk through an overview of what’s needed and lay out a list of next steps for both the Client and Geniecast Teams.
Post-Cast AnalyticsThe analytics the producer gathers – such as the attendees, chat, Q&A and/or poll reports – when the Cast ends. The analytics we gather depend on the platforms you use.
Post-Cast RecordingThe RAW or edited version of the Cast, depending on the Client’s request and/or what is stated in the contract.
Producer The person(s) in charge of managing the technical aspects of the Cast. Their responsibilities include building out the show within the video platform, conducting technical audits, reviewing assets to ensure they meet requirements and more.
RehearsalCast Principals meet virtually with members of the Geniecast Team a few days prior to the event, typically for 60 to 90 minutes. This is not meant to be flawless, rather a dry run to address and correct anything not right or missing before the event. This is where the Client can give a final stamp of approval!

Run of Show
Detailed document that provides a play-by-play for the times, people, assets, and more for a Cast. The Client and Client Experience Manager fill this out so our Production Team can understand the flow of the event and know when to show event assets such as opening/closing slides, music, videos, etc.

Technical AuditCast Principals meet with a producer, which can be done individually (30 min) or as a group (60 min), to test their location, device, internet connection and more to fully prepare them for the upcoming Cast.

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