Virtual Event Solutions

We produce best-in-class broadcast-quality turnkey event solutions to simultaneously and seamlessly deliver impactful content to your team. Events with a virtual option increase your overall engagement.

This is Live, Interactive Broadcasting — Not Simply an Event Platform

With new technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has experienced change at a rapid pace, and making a great connection with your audiences is even more essential. At Geniecast, we are not simply an event platform; we are the entire experience. Deliver your message to your audience from anywhere, whether you choose our in-person, hybrid or virtual meeting solutions. Along with handling the production, we will book your talent for a true one-stop solution. Our premium virtual production services are designed to help organizations elevate their virtual event, with individualized solutions for:

  • Businesses, such as corporations, associations and nonprofits
  • Events, including conferences, meetings, breakout sessions and trainings

Let Geniecast Take Care of Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event.

We are design experience experts working with each Client to tailor our production and speaker booking services to achieve your event goals. Also, each event is assigned a dedicated Client Experience and Production team to help you from start to finish. We sweat all of the small details and all of the moving parts and pieces that come with planning any event to ensure a professionally-produced broadcast for you…anywhere, any time.

The Benefits of Geniecast

Cost-Effective Events

Pre-purchasing virtual platforms, booking talent and setting up events through separate avenues ends up eating away at your planning time and budget. Make event budgeting easier and more cost-effective by working from start to finish with one company for everything you need to make your virtual event successful.

Finding Talent is Easy

We take the stress away from trying to find the right expert to speak with your company or at your event about the topic you desire. Thanks to our extensive research and database, our talent management team can help you make that decision in as little as one conversation.

Support Throughout Your Cast

Our client experience team works with you from start to finish. Check below for the Geniecast Event Production services you will receive if you choose Geniecast.

Our Event Production Services

Before Your Cast

  • Step-by-step planning with a dedicated project manager
  • Custom meeting cadence
  • Run-of-show planning and/or development
  • Offer of scheduling tools and support
  • Assist with talent and speakers
  • Technical support and training
  • Branded access page to host the event
  • Final event run-through

During Your Cast

  • Interactive, live, virtual and hybrid event
  • Audience engagement and interaction
  • Features such as Q&A, polling and gamification
  • Livestreaming
  • On-screen graphics and branding
  • Virtual moderator/host
  • Live two-way communication with producers on your event

After Your Cast

  • Reports and analytics
  • Edited recording of your event
  • Video content hosting

Let Geniecast Take Care of Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event.