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How To Make Virtual Events Easy

If someone told you that you had to plan a virtual event, would you be calm and collected? Or would you be stressed out of your mind? The following are best practices we use on a daily basis at Geniecast to help make this process easier and more approachable for our clients.

Like anything else, planning and producing a professional virtual event is a skill that comes with practice…and lots of it. But for most any event you have to start with this simple question, “What is the goal?” Your goal can be a focus on audience interaction, top presenters with professionally designed slide decks, a high-quality recording for post-event follow-up or on-demand viewing. There are so many event goals, figuring out those top needs paves the way for all other aspects of your virtual event and its success.

Determine the look and feel of your virtual or hybrid event. Top look and feel items to consider for your virtual event.

In chronological order:

  • EVENT REGISTRATION & SECURE ACCESS PAGES: This is how people sign up for and gain access to your event. This can be as simple as sending out the video platform’s link or something more complicated with your company logo, branding, reminder emails, and more.
  • AUDIENCE SIZE & NUMBER OF VIRTUAL PRESENTERS: These numbers may have a strong influence on the video platform you can/need to use.
  • PRESENTER SLIDE DECKS & MEDIA: Find out if the presenter is sharing their own assets or if someone else needs to share assets for the presenter.
  • TECH CHECKS: Schedule time with the presenter or other onscreen people in advance of the event to test that everything looks and sounds great.
  • VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM & INTERACTION: Decide what video platform you want to use based on your event goal, audience size and the number of presenters. Don’t forget about interaction tools such as polls, trivia, gamification or other creative ideas.
  • ONLINE REHEARSAL & EARLY LOGIN: Practice with your presenter(s) a day or two prior to your virtual or hybrid event to make sure everyone involved is aware of how the event will flow. Be sure to login early on event day to ensure everything is working properly in the virtual platform.
  • RUN OF SHOW: One of the most important items of the event is the run of show. This is a simple breakdown of every minute of the event, contacts, and other important details.
  • EVENT RECORDING: Consider if you’re just sending out the RAW recording or if you’re going to do/hire someone to do video editing.
  • ANALYTICS & REPORTS: Determine if the video platform you decide to use provides analytics and reports or if this is something you need to track elsewhere for your event.

Virtual events are constantly changing so continue to do your own research and don’t get left behind because virtual and hybrid events are here to stay.

Geniecast has experts, thought leaders, and speakers – we call them Genies – you can buy to speak at your virtual/hybrid/in-person event. We are also experts in producing virtual and hybrid events.

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