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Zak Dychtwald

Zak Dychtwald is passionate about communicating a people-first understanding of evolving China, today and into the future. He is the author of Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World (St. Martin’s Press; 2017), which explores a wide and deep range of identity questions impacting the country’s emerging young generation. He is also the founder and CEO of Young China Group, a think tank and consultancy focusing on China’s emerging identity on the world stage and the evolving East and West millennial mindset. Clients have included Google’s Next Billion Users, Colgate, and Schroders.

A 29-year old Columbia University graduate and fluent Mandarin speaker, he has spoken at forums and summits across five continents as a rising authority in his field. Young China is slated to be published in Mainland China, Germany, and Vietnam.

Zak speaks about the attitudes, motivators, and factors impacting China’s 417 million millennials—who they are, how they stack up against global millennials, their impact on global innovation, what they want, and why they want it. This generation redefines every market they touch, and Zak gives you an insider’s guide into understanding how this generation is changing the world.