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Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Philipp knows how to make the Trust Economy our superpower leading us to an exponentially greater and happier future.

Deep in our hearts all of us desire and dream of a brighter tomorrow. What's missing is trust: We need to trust ourselves, and others must trust us so we can be the change we want to see. Trust isn't everything, but without it, everything is nothing. Philipp runs OxytocinGroup, a global think tank, innovation foundry and brand studio working with Fortune 500s and technology disruptors on creating stories that build the products, services and organisations of tomorrow.

Philipp's book, 'The Trust Economy', shows us how we can trust-hack innovation and transformation to unleash human potential. It's the manual he wished he had starting his whirlwind innovation career. Over a decade, he learned the hard way that great leaders and innovators need to be trusted. In the process, he was the first innovation strategist for FutureBrand in Asia, a founder of MetLife's first global R&D hub and the voice who branded and positioned Circles.Life, Asia's first digital telco, all before age 23. Since, he advised many more global players and technology disruptors on walking the Trust Economy talk and leveraging trust to own their future in the digital age.

Philipp's intense passion for trust roots in his fascination with behaviour change. Who, what and how we trust influences our behaviour. Our behaviour drives our choices, and our choices define our future. As a Trust Futurist, he shows us how humanity's collective decisions shape our world and what this means for all of us. His work as a leading Innovation Strategist uses this foundation for pioneering a brighter future. Understanding why trust is the fibre of human society and our engine of advancement will empower us to do good and achieve greatness.

Philipp speaks, advises, ventures and invests, focusing on the Trust Economy and shaping the future of work, life, innovation, customer experience and purpose. In the past years he covered 30+ countries, 5 continents and over a dozen industries thanks to his clients' generous recommendations. He teaches an executive education course on innovation and transformation at Singapore Management University, is an alumnus of the d-school and was named a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, KAIROS Fellow and World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Trust and innovation are in his DNA since his grandfather's significant contributions as a German parliamentarian and his parents' dedication to building one of the most prolific German engineering powerhouses in 1976.