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Bruce Babashan

Coach Bruce a.k.a. “Your Corner Man” is a renowned professional and USA Boxing coach, keynote speaker, writer, podcast host, and master storyteller.

Part coach and part Jedi Master Bruce has trained and developed fighters at every level in boxing including professional world and international champions as well as Olympians and Golden Gloves Champions. Coach Bruce is renowned and professional and Olympic athletes have traveled from as far away as Romania, Mexico, Afghanistan, Africa and the Philippines to spend time under his tutelage.

Over the years Bruce has become well know for his coaching philosophies, systems and motivational strategies that he credits with his and his athletes success.

In his talks and keynotes Bruce now shares how businesses and organizations can use these same strategies to be better leaders/coaches and build teams that perform at a championship level.

Rare insights, emotional storytelling, powerful imagery and lasting impact are all hallmarks of Coach Bruce’s talks and keynotes.

If life and business are a fight…then everyone can use a good Corner Man!