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Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander

With a tremendously engaging, unique, interactive style, Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander brings a singularly practical, deft, insightful, comprehensive, but light approach to Diversity & Inclusion presentations that has been lauded by both the public and private sector. Licensed to practice law in DC and six federal jurisdictions, Bennett-Alexander is a tenured associate professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, who has conducted Diversity and Inclusion and Employment Law seminars since 1983. Published extensively in the Employment Law area, she co-authors the first and leading textbook, “Employment Law for Business”, (McGraw-Hill, Pub.) which established the discipline in colleges of business and is now in its ninth edition. Among other texts, she also co-authored “The Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Environment of Business in a Diverse Society” (McGraw-Hill).

Warning: DO NOT hire her if you do not want an impactful, fun, engaging speaker.