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Chad Coe

Chad's fans and followers have placed him in the FORCE OF NATURE category for his ability to move and inspire his audiences! Chad's message will entertain and inspire audiences to pursue a more confident, fulfilling, and abundant life.

Chad Coe is a motivational speaker who connects with people from all walks of life and his presentations inspire individuals to embrace tools of success and apply these strategies in their own lives. His unique ability helps people to align with their goals in a peer-to-peer setting, challenge each other, and create their own success.

Chad's generosity seems to know no limit. As founder and president of Special Kids Network, a fundraising arm for several charitable organizations that assist children with special needs, Chad sees the bigger picture of life. He contributes value to physically challenged children by creating opportunities through which they can find enjoyment and feel part of a loving and caring community.

As a forward thinking and supportive coach and speaker, Chad consistently puts people in position to succeed. He helps business professionals navigate today's "Relationship Economy" with confidence and dignity. The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation and Investment News have recognized Chad as a finalist for the tenth annual Community Leadership Awards. The awards recognize the philanthropic work financial advisers perform in their communities and around the world.