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John Robitaille

John Robitaille, a former candidate for governor of Rhode Island, is an effective and entertaining motivational speaker and communications professional with over thirty years of success in multiple roles as an executive with Fortune 500 companies, a senior communication advisor to elected officials, labor relations negotiator, radio talk show host, media relations consultant, trainer, coach and mentor to entrepreneurs.

As a labor relations negotiator, John was frequently called in to settle grievances, represent the companies in arbitration cases and reach contract agreements with major unions including the Teamsters, UPIU, Electrical Workers, Bakers Confectionery and Tobacco Workers, Machinists and more. John invariably used his straight forward and open communication approach to settling differences, and winning over many skeptics in the process.

As an entrepreneur himself, John launched a successful communications firm, Perspective Communications, where he was President and CEO. During his twenty-year tenure with the company, John not only created presentations for senior corporate executives, he coached and mentored them on the effective use of presentation media, personal delivery techniques and how to improve communication with customers, employees and colleagues.