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Rodney Poole

Rodney Poole is a Prevention Specialist from upstate NY. For the past twenty-five years he has been in healthy recovery. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has worked with young people for the past twenty years. Rodney is passionate about helping kids realize the importance of delaying the use of alcohol and other drugs as well as helping parents help kids navigate those decisions. Research shows that the earlier a young person begins using drugs or drinking alcohol the higher the risk of having major problems as a result of their use. Rodney learned first hand as a teenager that alcohol and other drugs can have a devastating effect on a young person's ability to function at full capacity. As a talented high school football player his use of alcohol and other drugs may have cost him the opportunity to play at the next level. Rodney tells his story of growing up in the suburbs and having every opportunity to succeed only to let opportunity slip through his fingers as he spiraled out of control. Life for Mr. Poole became exponentially better but not until he stopped using drugs and got help. Rodney has traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Thailand, Nairobi, Viet Nam, and all over the USA sharing his inspiring story with young people as well as helping parents and schools set up substance abuse prevention programming. Rodney is a newlywed and lives in Raleigh North Carolina.


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