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Beverly Gooden

Beverly Gooden is an award-winning social activist, speaker, women's health advocate, content creator,Êand originator of a viral Twitter movement.Ê#WhyIStayedÊwas named by TIME as one of the Top 10 Hashtags That Started a Conversation, and is one of 8 Hashtags That Changed The World according to CNN affiliate, HLN.Ê Her on-air appearances include Good Morning America, the Dr. Phil show, Inside Edition, CNN, NPR, and NBC Nightly News.Ê BeverlyÕs story and social media impact has been featured in the Washington Post, Marie Claire, USA Today, CNN Money, Bloomberg, BBC News, and many more.Ê She has contributed original content featured in TIME, The New York Times, the TODAY Show online, and the U.S. Office on Women's Health Blog, and served on a panel at VerizonÕs 2014 Domestic Violence Summit.Ê Gooden was featured in the short film ÒWhy We StayedÓ by the Emmy-nominated producers of Private Violence.Ê In October 2015, Beverly was honored by Investigation Discovery and Glamour Magazine as their 2015 Inspire A Difference "Everyday Hero." She has recently been featured in the August 2016 issue of Glamour Magazine, and the December 2015 issue of Redbook Magazine. Beverly appears in an upcoming Toyota commercial discussing her work with the Ella Mae Foundation, a not for profit she founded to provide practical support, guidance and services to victims of domestic violence.Ê Investigation Discovery provides valued support and partnership. Passionate about changing lives for the better, Beverly is committed to empowering others by sharing her emotional and gripping personal story.


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