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Jennifer Gilhool

Jennifer Gilhool is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan Law School. After practicing law in Chicago and Detroit, Jennifer joined Ford Motor Company and spent 15 years climbing the corporate jungle gym. Jennifer didn't climb the ladder -- she climbed the jungle gym, moving out of the Office of the General Counsel and into the function responsible for sustainability and regulatory matters related to all of Ford's products and facilities.

In 2007, the automotive industry collapsed and Jennifer had a front row seat to the re-invention of Ford Motor Company under then-CEO Alan Mulally. As chief of staff to the then-only female corporate officer, Jennifer worked directly on change management strategy that remade Ford's North American operations. Jennifer was then tasked with developing the strategy to take the regulatory function global and then jumped at the opportunity to implement the strategy across Asia Pacific & Africa.

Jennifer served as Ford Motor Company's first director for Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering in Asia, Pacific & Africa. Unlike her colleagues, Jennifer built a team from scratch with local-national talent across 10 countries and vastly different cultures. In 2014, Jennifer left Ford, published her story in her first book, Sheryl Sandberg, China & Me, and formed the Gender Economics Lab (GEL). GEL helps individuals and organizations build cultural fluency to drive profitable growth.