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Brian Gareau

Brian is President of Brian Gareau, Inc. Leveraging 31 years of corporate leadership experience at a global Fortune 50 corporation, his organization specializes in strategic, tactical, and practical solutions to engage and accelerate high performance.

Brian is the co-inventor of Caterpillar's patent-pending Cultural Assessment Process (CAP) and was actively involved in the redesign of their global Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) process and the launch of their Corporate Values. Brian also helped lead the design and execution of Caterpillar's highly successful global Employee Engagement strategy.

During his career he spent time in Manufacturing, Corporate Public Affairs, Parts & Service Sales, Logistics, and HR. He managed multiple operations and was directly involved in nine new plant start-ups. Brian has provided OE/OD consulting services to nearly 200 locations around the globe.

Brian is the author/co-author of three books: "180 Ways to Build Employee Engagement", "A Slice of Life: The Benefits of Personal Engagement", and "Evan's Big Surprise"; and contributing author of "The Engaged Workplace: Organizational Strategies". He also writes a weekly blog dedicated to high performance. Brian is a graduate of Hartwick College in Oneonta, N.Y. and now lives in Illinois.