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Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally Foley-Lewis fast tracks productivity! She'll empower you to be more conscious of your thinking and actions: to be strong, authentic and confident in your roles. Sally is the skill-builder and insight igniter who prepares and helps people create more success.

Helping people master their people (soft) skills for more than 20 years, Sally has inspired people across a range of industries: from health clubs in Germany to shipbuilding yards and oil and gas companies in the Middle East, to community organisations in outback Australia. She has also helped managers and leaders in aviation, telco's, hospitality, education, professional services and finance.

Sally makes it easy for people to achieve better performance and a productive workforce through skill mastery, such as comfortable feedback conversations, delegating for development, delight and even de-stress, challenging time management barriers, and building confidence in interpersonal communication.

She loves to help frontline and middle managers thrive (not just survive) in their roles as they master supervisory management skills, identify their own leadership to lead their respective teams.

With her exceptional qualifications, she brings diverse program and project management, and leadership experiences to her speaking, training and facilitating. Sally is a straight-talker, with a wicked sense of humour, as she inspires people to be where they belong and feel valued.