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Brian Fielkow

Your company's culture is what sets you apart from your competition and has a profound impact on your bottom line. Brian Fielkow is a successful "main street" business leader, facing the same daily challenges as you when it comes to building a business. He has learned that by focusing on growing his company's overall culture, including its safety culture, has has dramatically grown his business. When it comes to building a vibrant culture, Brian shares what works ― and what doesn't ― with audiences internationally. By providing you with hands-on tools to creating and sustaining a healthy culture, Brian is able to help set you on the path to taking your company to new heights.

Audiences leave Brian's presentation with a tool kit of high value, easy to implement ideas for any sized company that can be put into action immediately. Brian's keynotes are:

Light on theory and platitudes.
Strongly focused on "how to" ideas.
Highly interactive. Brian takes time to get to know your audience's specific challenges and objectives prior to his presentation.

His presentations cover the following:

What culture is and why it important?
Tools for leaders drive organizational change
Strategies to anchor your culture to your front-line employees
How to identify culture killers and drive them out of your organization
A game plan to put ideas into action immediately