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Jack Fiala

Jack Fiala's "Willie Sellmore" has been engaging and entertaining sales meeting audiences for over 25 years. "Willie" plays the role of an unlikely sales rep within your organization, interacting with company speakers in short comedy routines throughout the meeting that deal with serious issues and drive key messages home.

Jack writes the material and performs the character. Prior to the meeting Jack researches your audience to find their pain points and discover the "Elephants In The Room". In the meeting "Willie" humorously raises those issues - issues that may be on everyone's mind but would be otherwise difficult to address.

The comedy sketches subtly humanize management and show that management "gets it". And at the end of the meeting, of course, "Willie" comes around to the party line and delivers a final rant that is hilariously over-the-top and sends the sales team away with a smile on their faces and your message ringing in their ears.

Beyond helping communicate your message, "Willie" energizes the meeting, adds comic relief throughout to keep the audience engaged and creates a cheerful ambience for the event.

"Willie" has appeared in high profile meetings for a wide range of clients including major announcement shows for General Motors and Chrysler, sales meetings for companies as diverse as tech giant Teradata, WalMart and OfficeMax and national manager meetings for McDonald's, Pizza Hut and many other sales meeting for small and mid-size clients.