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Bill Ellis

“Are you getting the most from your brand?” “Are you achieving the results you desire?” For many the answer is no. Bill Ellis is a coach, international speaker and thought partner. His mission is to change those answers from “Not really” to “Absolutely!”Bill works with business owners and professionals to upgrade their brand and grow their business – helping them by Building Fearless Brands®. After a twenty-five year marketing career with Anheuser-Busch, Bill founded Branding for Results, LLC. There, Bill's work is ‘solution agnostic', in that he is solely committed to determining the best strategies for his clients to achieve their goals. The four cornerstones of his work are clarity of purpose, focused execution, marketing momentum and increased sales.He is the author of the weekly Friday's Fearless Brand blog series, featuring a wide array of fearless brands – their back story, their accomplishments and the branding principles which led to their success.

Bill is a certified Go-Giver® speaker and coach. The book The Go-Giver is built on a simple philosophy - “Give exceptional value – receive extraordinary results.” Bill teaches “branding the Go-Giver way” by integrating his branding principles with the book's philosophies including the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.