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Joanne Eckton

Joanne Eckton is a transformational leader--a widely recognized expert in aligning teams to perform with purpose and improve performance. Her passion is for transforming the workplace so that employees are inspired by what they do and the companies in which they work.

The "future of work" disruptions in business today dictate an evolution of leadership thinking. Audiences love Joanne's practical strategies that enable them to make this shift while driving up project success rates, employee retention and overall employee happiness on the job.

Joanne provides workshops, keynotes, training and one-on-one consulting centered on leading in technology, women in technology and project management. Joanne is an award winning speaker, creator of the Team Maximizer Framework™ and author of "Make Your Job Great: How to Step Up, Own Your Space and Get Your Boss off Your Back".

With a strong background in technology leadership and managing teams of various sizes and shapes all around the world, Joanne is able to bring real-world practical experience to organizations who want a program that not only inspires and educates, but also challenges audiences to rise to the challenge of leading teams to increased productivity, results and team cohesion.

If you're ready to improve team performance and attract the best talent to your workplace, book Joanne today!