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Kate Delaney

Emmy Award winning journalist Kate Delaney, in interviewing over 12,000 people, is known for her keen listening skills and ability to draw people out from all walks of life. Kate is passionate about creating an environment where executives and corporate teams learn how to become INFLUENTIAL LISTENERS. She works with her clients on tactics to accelerate active, focused listening skills for better connections and bigger profits. Kate worked in corporate America as the Chief Operating Officer for the Golden Broadcasters Network. She negotiated deals with advertisers, clients, stations, and talent for millions of dollars from 2005 to 2013. Before that she worked with the Texas Rangers closing a five year, $25,000,000 deal for the Radio rights for CBS as the Executive Sports Director. She is also a nationally syndicated talk show host. Her show on the NBC Radio Sports Network has three million listeners. Kate's book, Level the Playing Field: Balls, Brats & Other B.S. is a best seller on Amazon and Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don't Share has just been released. Her latest book, Influential Listening: Getting Heard in a Noisy World drops in December. Delaney excels in working with top leaders on negotiating skills and importance of influential listening.