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Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau, a third-generation ocean explorer and filmmaker, shares his famous father's and grandfather's love of deep-sea adventure. As a boy, he dove for the first time when he was only four years old. A custom tank had to be made to fit his body.

By the time Fabien was seven, he had begun accompanying his father, Jean-Michel, and grandfather, Jacques, on expeditions, his first to Papua New Guinea. When Fabien turned 12, he began joining the crew of his grandfather's ships Calypso and Alcyone on every break from school.

As an adult, Fabien took time to study economics and worked in marketing to try his hand on land. But the call back to the sea was strong and he returned to carrying on the Cousteau legacy of ocean adventure and environmental education.

This young Cousteau's latest oceanic obsession is sharks–understanding and protecting them. Fabien says sharks are terribly misunderstood to be viscous man-eaters and this attitude is contributing to their demise. National Geographic published his article, “Attacks of the Mystery Shark” and this began a trek around the world, including India, to solve the Mattawan, NJ attacks of 1916 (the background for the movie Jaws).

Fabien spends most of his time working with his father on the PBS series: Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures. When Fabien is not traveling for work or play, he lives in New York City with his dog Heidi.


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