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Lisa Corrado

Looking for a new kind of speaker for your group? How about a storyteller? Lisa Corrado tells stories that show possibility, examples of everyday people going beyond surviving a challenge to creating real change for themselves and others.

Through motivational storytelling, Lisa shares:

- We can't control what happens to us, but we get to choose how we respond and tell our story.
- Growth can come from disaster.
- We can (and should) accept the permission slips.

It all illustrates the concept of Felix Culpa - Latin for "fortunate fault;" literally something good coming as a result of something bad. Felix Culpa stories reassure those going through their own tough time. They generate sparks of enthusiasm, making audiences ready to take action on something new. And they build community, encouraging people to learn from what others have experienced.

Lisa brings a richly textured background to her work. After enjoying a successful corporate career in technology project management, Lisa returned to school in preparation for a new leap of passion: opening a nutritional counseling/private chef business. Her path took another turn after her cancer diagnosis, when she realized she had been given the benefit of a wake-up call. Time for another change! Lisa now speaks to groups and organizations, offers workshops, interviews others and writes extensively all on the subject of creating great change from great challenge.