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Patrice Cokley

As the Owner/Founder of The Bassline Group, a talent management and development company, Patrice and her creative team are responsible for building, marketing and managing the brands of artists, labels, and entertainers. She has assisted various small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists, with her most notable client being Mathew Knowles, founder of Music World Entertainment.

A Detroit native and former music major in undergrad, she holds both a BS (Wayne State University) and MBA (Kaplan University) in Marketing and has over 15 years of experience in the field.

Patrice is also a College Professor at SAE Institute: Chicago, where she teaches Multimedia & Web Development, with branding and marketing elements. She prides herself on her ability to educate, motivate, and inspire her students using real-life/relatable experiences that are practical and relevant.

The music business was never a hobby for Patrice. It has always been a passion that developed into a full-time entrepreneurial career. Her diverse background and client base give her a unique insight into the music business and entrepreneurship. Patrice gives her full energy making sure others are free to grow their brand or hone their craft while maintaining their authenticity. This is the fire behind her passion, with a little bit of old school Detroit hustle thrown in for good measure.


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