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Janet Chang

Janet Chang is a marketing strategist and author based in San Francisco. She is founder of JLC Innovations, where she helps technology, healthcare, and media companies like WellnessFX, TheraLife and Wood Egg grow their audiences and customer base by leveraging both big-idea strategy and optimized tactics. To achieve major wins on the strategic level for clients, Janet advises them to use a combination of analytical number-crunching and creative storytelling. Previously, Janet authored a #11 Amazon bestselling business book, managed marketing for seasoned entrepreneurs like Derek Sivers, and co-organized Human Hacker House, Silicon Valley's community for consumer healthcare. Personally, Janet enjoys challenges that test one's grit, mindfulness, and comfort-in-discomfort, whether it entails 6 hours of meditation, completing an Ironman triathlon, travel and living abroad for 1-3 months per year, or exploring higher forms of consciousness.


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