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Joanne Brooks

Joanne Brooks has worked in, owned, and operated several organizations over the past 30 years—mainly in the finance and education space. From a startup to a large corporation achieving a turnover of $30 million in three years, Joanne has seen and experienced it all. Over the last 10 years Joanne has faced a company takeover, trademark issues which resulted in a complete rebranding of the business, and the winding down of a large education company. Most recently Joanne is focused on business and education, bringing with her the finance and education expertise accumulated over the last 15 years.

There are many reasons for her success over the years:

- Values – in all instances, alignment of values is imperative to any interaction.
- Collaboration – when values align, collaboration flows.
- Education – educating your clients and yourselves is key to any project's success.
- Vision – without a vision of the end goal, whether that be for her own company or her client's, success is not assured. Joanne also recognizes that sharing that vision with her team ensures alignment to values and internal collaboration as well as team loyalty.
- Truth – this has become extremely relevant during the difficult period of winding down the education company. Being truthful is scary and difficult initially; however, without it you simply cannot see with any clarity.
- Care – what on earth are you doing if you don't care about your clients?


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