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Ernie Beltz Jr.

Ernie grow up in a family of entrepreneurs, and started his first business in middle school. Over the years he has refined his own entrepreneural leadership style, started a number of businesses and created jobs in his community.

Ernie is the founder and managing consultant of SemperGROW, a company he started in 2012 to provide custom leadership development services, executive coaching and organizational development consulting. In addition to SemperGROW, Ernie and his wife Debbie, recently opened Little Land, a one-of-a-kind indoor play facility for children in the Austin area based on Debbie's pediatric therapy experience.

Ernie spends his time with fellow leaders providing executive coaching and consulting services around the globe. He has developed a unique and intensive coaching program for executive leaders to help those he works with achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives. When not coaching other leaders, you'll find Ernie on the road sharing his business and leadership perspectives and lessons with audiences across the country.