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Alex Bandar

Dr. Alexander Bandar is an engineer by training, and an entrepreneur by accident. Having worked ten years in the field of manufacturing software, with clients from GM to Apple to the Defense Department, he now directs the Columbus Idea Foundry -- the world's largest community workshop, or "makerspace," which he began as a hobby and is now his full-time career. Recently relocated to a 65,000 sf warehouse in Columbus OH, the Columbus Idea Foundry houses tools from blacksmithing to 3D printing, teaches classes on the design and fabrication resources available at the shop, and then sells memberships to anyone who wishes to use the workshop as if it were their own. With 300 members and growing rapidly (of whom approximately half are entrepreneurs), the Columbus Idea Foundry is the world's largest and most active makerspace, and is quickly finding a place in the creative, educational, technological and business ecosystems of Central Ohio and beyond. Dr. Bandar speaks and consults regularly about this exciting new "Maker Movement," has presented multiple TEDx talks on the subject, and was invited to deliver the Cultural Heritage presentation on behalf of the City of Columbus at the Intelligent Cities Forum in Manhattan.


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