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Branding Your Broadcast

How can branding elements be implemented into a livestream to create a cohesive look and increase engagement?

Imagine your everyday, normal video call with the team. Faces in squares pop up, their names small in the corner of their screens. A flat black background lies behind this assortment of webcams, and everything looks pretty generic. You go about your business, and it works just fine. However, if somebody didn’t know any of the team members personally and they looked at a recording of this meeting, they would be hard-pressed to get an idea of the purpose of the experience, the positions of those participating, or even what company they work for. Using this exact format for a larger live-streamed conference, roundtable, or keynote speaker results in poor engagement for the viewer, and can reflect poorly on the amount of perceived effort that was put into producing an important event. This is where branding your broadcast comes into play.

You see branding in broadcasts all the time. Turn on any sports game or news channel and you’ll see their brand identity weaved into almost every element of their graphics package, and their logo is so ubiquitous in every shot that it can be internalized almost instantly what channel or network you are viewing. While the content may change from show to show, memorable livestreams are always associated with the company that produced them. You can do the same thing with your own company’s events, and create a lasting impression by associating your own brand with an amazing and engaging experience. 

So what are some of the easiest and most effective ways to integrate your brand? While the options are almost limitless, here are four of the most common and effective methods we suggest.

Taking an ordinary video call to the next level with branded graphics


1 – Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are a great way to increase engagement in your broadcast. These can contain any information you would like, but typically include something along the line of the speaker’s name and title. If they are a remote guest, they provide a great way to note their location as well. This allows viewers to jump in at any point during the broadcast and feel confident in who’s on screen.

In addition to engagement, lower thirds also provide a perfect opportunity to incorporate your brand. Adding subtle branding colors reminds viewers of the feelings you worked hard to evoke while developing your brand guide. Additionally, by branding these assets, you further enforce that your livestream is polished, professional, and cohesive. A polished broadcast also provides ample opportunity to pull content directly from your show and use it for marketing and social media purposes!

2 – Overlays

Overlays are our answer to the plain black background you’re used to seeing in everyday video calls. Imagine if each speaker’s boxes were carefully laid out, given a border to sharpen, and then placed on top of an image that is customizable, dynamic, and full of branding potential. 

By working with us to use your brand colors and imagery to create a beautiful background for the entire broadcast, you increase the perceived production value exponentially. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to include any helpful information, links, QR codes, etc. that you want your audience to have ready access to throughout the show.

3 – Transition Graphics

While the bulk of the broadcast is full of engaging segments such as interesting dialogue and amazing speakers, there is bound to be downtime. At the front and back ends of the show, and during short breaks to give people some time between long segments, we don’t want to leave our audience without anything to look at. While they won’t miss anything by not paying attention to these sections, those who stick around shouldn’t have to stare at a black screen. 

By combining a bit of music with some more branded assets, you can greatly improve audience retention at some key dropoff points. Hold slides, animated videos, and slideshows of past or upcoming company events are not only great to keep people interested, but they are just another opportunity to sprinkle in your own branding and continue that cohesive look and feel in places where the audience would not expect it.

4 – Logos Everywhere

Many of the elements mentioned previously are great ways to add snippets of your brand identity and give a cohesive look, but it’s also important to state loud and clear who you are. Logos, icons, and wordmarks can be integrated into everything. Lower thirds, overlays, transition graphics, and more offer ample opportunity to integrate a clear message of who exactly you are.

Finally, integrating all of these opportunities for branding are about increasing engagement for your viewers, but that happens when you create a show that is a definitive step up from the daily video calls you’re used to. Contact Geniecast today and let us help you create a show that you are more than proud to put your logo on as a stamp of pride in your company and the people you hope to reach.

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