Leading Women in Business

Empower your team with impactful knowledge to build a strong culture, increase profit and celebrate success.

By equipping your team with insights from Leading Women in Business, you can build a stronger, more successful group of motivated employees.

Barb Stegemann

Learn what's needed to take an idea from conception to international success, all while making a socially-conscious impact on the world.

Charlene Li

Develop a disruption mindset that will allow you to create, thrive, and build things that results in a huge positive change.

Connie Dieken

Reverse-engineer messages to influence even the most demanding people and create lifelong relationships.

Kate White

Strategies to tap into your inner fearlessness and take your career to an exciting next level.

Kelly Hoey

Explore the opportunities women have today in creating pro-active and focused networks, as well as strategies for leveraging all the powerful networking tools at their disposal.

Kim Perell

Identify the steps for the process of mastering the five traits of execution and learn how to put it all to work for success in business and life.

Kim Scott

Create  "bullshit-free zones" where people can do the best work of their lives and love what they do.

Libby Gill

Connect the dots between personal accountability, organizational success and underlying beliefs(emotions) with ongoing behaviors(actions).

Marguerita Cheng

Empower women with a knowledge framework for financial clarity, control and confidence by providing an outline of the six-step financial planning process.

Meghan Dotter

Discover the presentation differences for genders and how to make sure your voice is never minimized.

Natalie Nixon

Tips for developing an organizational culture that is primed for innovation and a prosperous future state.

Patty McCord

Why the idea of a “permanent employee” is no longer a realistic prospect; and why we should look to the future.

Ruzana Glaeser

How to get out of the ‘fight-flight-freeze’ cycle when encountered with backlash, and proceed with your asks while subsiding your fear.

Stacy Taubman

Create meaningful connections between individuals and organizations to foster a stronger business community, especially for women.

Susan MacKenty Brady

Behavior change comes from understanding the specific behaviors that may be preventing leaders from operating at their highest level of performance and then focusing on these behaviors in a deep and practical way.

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