Transforming An Industry

Executive Summary

In a world where anyone and everyone can have a broadcast platform simply by signing up for a social media account or starting a blog, true expertise has never been more valuable. Consequently, this commodity often comes with hefty price tags, scheduling difficulties, logistical nightmares, or all the above. Geniecast is an innovative and transformative communication solution that utilizes live, two-way interactive video to deliver educational, motivational, and inspirational content to a highly targeted audience easily and economically.

Subject matter experts—otherwise known as Genies—develop customized web-based presentations that disseminate specific information to client audiences in a veritable environment. Geniecast curates this content as well as extended learning solutions, engaging presentations large and small, and any facilitation or moderation as needed. Coupled with end-to-end  production and service, Geniecast is blazing a trail no one has ever walked before. Nothing can totally replace the in-person conversation, meeting, or presentation. But Geniecast aspires to complement them by making engaging premium content and education accessible to everyone—regardless of budget or physical location.