Virtual Recruitment Engine

TalentCast is the ultimate solution for scalable talent recruitment and procurement where time, cost, and measurable data are a factor. By focusing on production quality, content exchange, and engagement metrics, TalentCast allows organizations to maintain brand quality, have meaningful conversations with the right prospects, and capture relevant information exponentially faster than traditional methods.

Learn how TalentCast Can Connect You With the Right People.

Before each Cast Included
Event Registration w/ Pre-Screening and Polling
Invitation Delivery
Event Reminders
Presenter Gear Checks, Rehearsals, and Preparation
Training for Virtual Recruiters
Customer Support for Registrants (phone, online, and virtually)
During each Cast Included
Live Virtual Event Producer and Attendee Manager(s)
Live Polling and Q&A Management
Branded Intro/Outro Slides
Hosted In-Cast Video, Presentation Materials, and Slides
HD Two-Way Live Video Streaming with Custom On-Screen Graphics and Titling
Live Streaming
Up to 500 Two-Way Seats & Unlimited Audience Streaming
Professional Moderator/Host
Event Attendee Service and Support
Virtual Breakout Sessions for Recruiters
After each Cast Included
Registrant/Attendee Data & Engagement Reports
Cast Recording Delivery