Dr. Phil Kim is an educator, speaker and consultant. Phil has been published in over 20 academic journals and has presented his research at national and international conferences. As a speaker and consultant he helps organizations increase their employee engagement. Before becoming a business professor at Walsh University, Phil served as the Vice President of Information Security for a $5B financial services organization, where he was responsible for managing the bank's information security environment and engineered various employee training and engagement practices. Raised by first generation Korean immigrants, Phil has worked at all of his parents businesses including 7-11 convenience stores, gas stations, diners, and restaurants. He understands the value of hard work and being able to solve problems with limited resources. His passion is to use his knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their life's goals. He is the author of Chase One Rabbit: 10 Habits That Move You from Failure to Success, a book dedicated to helping individuals create better lives for themselves. His latest book, Zebras & Ostriches: 5 Simple Rules to Engage and Retain Your Best People, is for leaders who want to engage and retain their best employees.

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Zebras & Ostriches: 5 Simple Strategies to Engage and Retain Your Best People

Philip Kim

The key difference between a successful organization and one that doesn’t last is the level of engagement among their employees.

That is, how well your company performs is directly linked to the level of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy your employees feel when they go to work.

Research continues to point out that employees who are significantly engaged outperform work groups that are not engaged.

Upon completion of this webcast, participants will discover:

– The 5 Keys to Employee Engagement – and how to implement them
– Providing constructive feedback that gets results
– The linkage between satisfied employees and satisfied customers

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