Victoria Foster is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Better Future U.S., a global leadership consultancy that helps senior leaders grow their business and impact by uncovering purpose, building teams, and gaining fresh perspective to future proof business for the future.

Victoria has over 14 years experience working across 5 continents advising both Fortune 500 corporations and social entrepreneurs on leadership, strategy and finance, with a steadfast focus on creating new ways of working that empower people to make a difference.

Prior to Better Future, Victoria was Vice President at Credit Suisse advising large companies and private equity on large-scale corporate finance and M&A, while simultaneously spearheading the Firm's recruiting and training programs for next generation of leaders, and developing pioneering leadership programs connecting youth and workplaces.

She also hold a Masters in Urban Development and spent four years working in global development and mission-driven organizations, focusing on empowering local leaders & organizations and building sustainable business models.

She firmly believes that we all have something to contribute. Her mission is to empower leaders and organizations to make a bigger impact, on their bottom line and the world.

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Your Journey to a Better Future

Victoria Foster

In this presentation, Victoria regales her audience with her own personal journey—a life and career that has taken her from the boardrooms of New York to the slums of Bangkok, across five continents and more than thirty countries.

Victoria’s story underlines her philosophy that “when different worlds are brought together, real transformation occurs.” Now as the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Better Future U.S., Victoria specializes in taking today’s forward-thinking companies on a voyage of discovery into stimulating and exciting new environments in order to help them unearth the untapped value of their organizations, and unveil fresh perspectives and exciting new possibilities for their futures.

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