Jonathan Peters, PhD is an international speaker and writer. He has helped audiences from Melbourne, Australia to Augusta, Maine, create experiences that appeal to their targets, whether they be team-members, prospects, or customers.

Dr. Peters helps audiences identify their own blindspots and gives them a working knowledge of the 16 Whys. He has studies the psychology of words and language patterns, and he shares his knowledge and experience to help others with their words.

He has authored four books, including Cavemen Can't Market, and has ghostwritten 49 non-fiction books. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, even though he calls Austin, Texas, home.

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Woo With Words

Jonathan Peters

Do you remember when a phrase turned a customer away? When a logical argument did not persuade them to buy? When they simply didn’t get interested in your offer?

By now, you know your unconscious mind processes language in a certain, non-logical manner. And it might be good to understand how to reach prospects and customers at this level. After all, you’re reading these words, thinking if this program is right for you, and calculating a significant return you’ll get from this program.

But before you reserve this course, I want to make sure you know it is right for you and your team. Isn’t it true that the words you just read feel different from descriptions of other programs? Perhaps you want your team to know how to create similar offers so you and they can woo new customers.

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