A consultant, writer and speaker, Wendy Tan integrates wholeness at work so we act with wisdom for greater good. She is author of upcoming book, “Wholeness At Work: Gifts from East and West” and founding partner of Flame Centre, a talent development and instructional design practice based in Asia.

A professional speaker, Wendy has conducted keynotes and has presented in regional conferences in Asia. Wendy connects with her audience through her authentic, heartful and thought-provoking disposition. Wendy partners with clients in Asia to leverage their human capital as a competitive advantage by developing, engaging and retaining staff. She has worked extensively with multi-national organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Being a Chinese with a Western education, Wendy integrates both Western thought and Eastern philosophy so we act in alignment to our context.

Wendy is an accredited trainer in Dr Beverly Kaye's career development and talent engagement solutions and Peter Block's Flawless Consulting workshops. In addition, she serves as a facilitator with Harvard Business Publishing and Duke Corporate Education.

She is a graduate of Masters of Science in Organization Development in Pepperdine University, a top rated OD program in the United States. Her articles have also been frequently published in industry magazines, such as OD Practitioner, ASTD and AI Practitioner.

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Wholeness At Work

Wendy Tan

Be, Think and Act Whole to Do Our Best Work

What happens when you are pulled in all directions?
Who misses out when you don’t show up at your potential?
What is the antidote to fret, fragmentation and frenetic pace?

This engaging keynote talks to a quest for more wholeness at work in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Wholeness in our being, thinking and actions connects us to the core of who we are and our wisdom, so we can do our best work.

This presentation brings together Eastern and Western thought through the ABCs of Wholeness At Work:
• Anchor: Know our core, so we can stay rooted amidst change and challenge
• Being: Connect to the when, who and what matters
• Cognition: Be whole in our thinking to have our cake and eat it too

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