Gaia Grant is the MD of Tirian International Consultancy, a sought-after communicator and consultant, and the co-author of “The Innovation Race" and "Who Killed Creativity? ...And How Can We Get It Back?” Gaia has a graduate degree in Creative Change Leadership from the International Centre for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York, and is currently completing doctoral research with Sydney University on how to create a culture that supports innovation, where she is also a guest lecturer for the School of Business. Gaia is a highly skilled presenter and facilitator, carrying with her a wide range of tools that can be used to find solutions to the most difficult challenges. Gaia's clients have included Google, Visa, Baker & McKenzie, Deutsche Bank, Rolls Royce, McKinsey and many other MNCs. She has featured on international radio and TV and in several international news and business publications (such as the Financial Review, Wall St Journal, HR Journal, etc.). Gaia is also on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation. Along with business and corporate work, Gaia has been involved in many other fields of training and development, including working with development projects in El Salvador and tribal groups in Thailand and a health education project in India targeted to reach 25 million children.

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Who Killed Creativity?: Identifying the Psychological Blocks to Creative Thinking

Gaia Grant

CEOs say it’s the #1 leadership competency needed for the future and it is a stronger predictor of life success than IQ, and yet CQ (Creative Quotient) testing shows creative thinking is on the decline worldwide. Up to 80% of business growth comes from new innovations and ideas, so this ‘creativity gap’ needs to urgently be addressed.

Based around an engaging CSI theme, in this session participants learn about the latest brain research to discover what can block the creative thinking process and how these blocks can be identified and overcome. Gaia has developed a series of solid strategies for how innovation can be strategically developed based on the unique ‘Strategies for Innovative Development’ (SID) four-phase model for innovation through cultural transformation.

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