Greg R. Baird is a lecturer, educator, writer, filmmaker and social advocate. An engaging speaker with heart and humorous insight, Greg has spoken to audiences on such topics as equal rights, diversity, acceptance, community, bullying and hate crimes. In his informative lecture, Greg delivers a powerful and unique perspective on what it means to be gay in the 21st Century. An important voice of the LGBTQ community, Greg's lecture is inclusive for all audiences. All of his audiences have commented that they don't feel talked at during his lecture, but rather engaged and motivated. Greg will have your audience laughing while tugging at their heartstrings, sharing stories from his childhood, parents, college, celebrity friends and traveling around the country. His message offers hope, compassion and understanding. Greg will leave you motivated to change your life and be the voice of change in your own community. Greg can speak on a combination of topics for your program or can focus on just one. His AfterMatt program includes the award-winning film “Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine,” and his anti-bullying program is going strong with multiple topics.          

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When Walls Fall Apart

Greg Baird

All new for the 2015-2016 lecture season, Greg’s book (currently in progress) about stories from his life is a humorous and moving event for all audiences. This storytelling program, When Walls Fall Apart, is packed full of personal stories: being adopted and having another adopted brother who is gay, living in a small town, being shipped off to a military boarding school, being a creative child who walked to the beat of a different drummer, emulating 1960’s and 70’s TV shows, horrible dates, anecdotes on life, and following your own legacy. This one man show is hysterical, emotional, thought provoking and perfect for any event.

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