Scott Mautz is a 22 year Procter & Gamble veteran who recently ran the company's largest business - a $3 billion division. He is also an award winning keynote speaker and the author of "Make It Matter: How Managers Can Motivate by Creating Meaning" – a finalist for the “2016 Leadership Book of the Year” award, a book named to several “Best Books of 2015” lists, a "800-CEO-READ" bestseller, and a book that counts among its endorsers the #1 selling author in the world (and ex-CEO), James Patterson. Scott has been named a "Top 50 Leadership Innovator" by Inc. Magazine, a “2015 CEO Leadership Thought Leader” by Chief Executive Guild, a “Top 30 Author” by Soundview Business Books, and a “Rebel Leader” by top rated podcast Switch-n-Shift. He has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Inc., and many other national publications and podcasts and frequently keynotes and trains at top companies and universities across the country on a variety of leadership and workplace motivation/fulfillment topics. Scott has been a passionate student and practitioner of creating “fully wired”, fulfilling work environments rich with meaning that ultimately lead to sustained elevated performance and that transform organizational health & satisfaction scores along the way. In seminars and course instruction, he has deployed dozens of time-tested and proven practical tools to help leaders/managers craft such a meaning-rich ecosystem. 

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What Motivates Us at Work?

Scott Mautz

What actually motivates us at work? The truth might surprise you. And the answers for how to go about facilitating it are no less surprising. Don’t underestimate the need to uncover this revelation. Research shows 70% of us are actually disengaged at work – and among that 70%, 20% are actively disengaged, perpetrating acts that sabotage the workplace.

In this session, you’ll learn how to foster the motivational force of our times- meaning. It’s a deep-seated power that sustains motivation over the long haul, creating fulfillment and peak performance along the way. Myths of what motivates us are de-bunked and The Markers of Meaning are introduced – specific conditions the leader can foster that create meaning in and at work. Powerful stories, insightful examples, and practical tools abound.

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