CEO and Chief Storyteller for StoryUP VR, a Virtual Reality Journalism startup. A former interactive news anchor, Sarah's team pioneered the use of video chat during a live broadcast and was the first person to use a Google Hangout during a television newscast. Sarah has more than 20 years in the broadcasting industry. She is a 12 time Mid-America Emmy, National Sigma Delta Chi, NAB Service to America & National Edward R. Murrow award winner for feature reporting. Sarah likes to create with what she calls "Human Media", the transition of communication from a text based to face to face environment. When she's not in a video chat, she's creating stories in virtual reality around the world. Most recently, her team allowed viewers to step inside the story in Zambia to better understand a group of people who have to crawl on the ground because they lack mobility. StoryUP's program, Honor Everywhere, allows terminally ill and aging Veterans to see their memorial in Virtual Reality. Sarah is the mother of two teenagers, three if you count her husband. She's a professional jokester. Don't eat her powdered donuts.

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VR Content Creation

Sarah Hill

Creating VR video is a messy process that sometimes requires more than half a dozen different software programs. Sarah Hill details the different kinds of capture equipment, positional microphones, stitching, editing, and post-processing software necessary to create stories.

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