Dr. Marc Tinsley is the Vitalizational Speaker™ and the founder of Fitness For The Rest of Us™. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, he is a dynamic, effective, and in-demand speaker who helps people remove the obstacles that interfere with their health, their happiness, and their success. Dr. Tinsley sees parallels between the challenges that he helped his patients overcome and the challenges all business people face in today's busy, competitive marketplace, and that is the central message he delivers. His funny and informative presentations deliver practical information and audience members leave with actionable items that they can put into practice right away. He's a hit with audiences from all types of associations, schools, and corporations. His interactive and amusing style engages the audience, creates enthusiasm, and helps them feel comfortable as he delivers inspiring and supportive messages to promote vitality, increase energy, improve productivity, maximize performance, and achieve excellence.
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Vitalizational: How to be more dynamic, enthusiastic, and productive.

Marc Tinsley

What do the most dynamic, enthusiastic, and productive employees have in common? What distinguishes high achievers from the average worker? How do some people maintain a desire for accomplishment while others let their work suck the life out of them?

Have you noticed that some people constantly succeed and their achievements overshadow everyone around them? They establish high standards of excellence, set challenging goals, and are always improving.

Being a high-achiever doesn’t happen accidentally. It’s the result of intentional preparation – daily rituals that train and develop the ability to achieve peak professional performance.

Learn what top performers do to be more dynamic and effective. Follow the same vital routines that keep them at the top of their game.

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