Carol Sanford brings highly recognized innovation into business and nations around the world. Her innovation approaches in strategy process, leaders' practices, and work designs create great businesses—as well as a better world by how they do it. She is cited as an international expert in business innovation by media, university research, and top selling books for her unique and highly successful innovative ideas and practices. Carol, as the founder and CEO of InterOctave Global, has been leading major consulting change efforts in both Fortune 500 and new-economy businesses for more than 35 years. Her client list includes long-term relationships with Colgate Europe and Africa and DuPont Canada, US, Asia and Europe. She also works with "new economy" companies like Intel, Agilent, and leaders of corporate responsibility such as Seventh Generation. Her expertise in growing entrepreneurial ventures to successful businesses has had her named to many boards and panels. Carol is a judge and mentor for University of Washington Global Business Center Social Entrepreneur Competition, Seattle. She also lectures at MIT Sloan, University of Michigan Ross & ERB Institute among others. She holds undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley in Economics and Public Law and a graduate degree from California State University, San Jose in Urban Planning. Carol lives in Seattle.

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Values-Driven Employee Performance Management

Carol Sanford

When you have a value-based business philosophy and want to foster people being connected to value of the business, you need to approach performance management with a different framework. It is too often done with HR benefits or, worse, using models from other paradigms. Learn how to build a self-initiating and self-directed workforce without getting rid of the supervisors. (Alternatively, Carol can tell you how to do it without hierarchy, if you prefer.) Most performance theory is built on the study of rats. Learn what science says about how human work and build, not buy talent, forever. Learn how Carol Sanford has helped businesses lead their industry by embedding values into their strategic plans. They use this approach to create non-displace-ability in their markets and 10X results to their businesses and stakeholders. Create great system effects while paying your employees well and give your investors something to cheer about.

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