Anand Damani is partner at the consulting firm Briefcase, in which he uses science to change human behavior. He applies the science of behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience to change human behavior in consumer, organizational and social fields. He calls this practice Behavioral Design.

In consumer behavior change, he uses Behavioral Design to increase sales conversions, improve new product adoption and design customer experience for clients like Franklin Templeton and The Economist.

In organizational behavior change, he uses Behavioral Design to change culture and habits, translate vision to action and improve productivity for clients like Cyient.

In addition to consulting, he invents products that change public behavior like reducing drivers honking in India or products that change personal behavior like a water bottle that nudges you to stay hydrated.

His work has been featured in TIME, BBC, Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, The Atlantic, The Economic Times and other media.

He is an Editors' Pick TEDx speaker and a frequent keynote speaker.

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Use Behavioral Science to Get Consumers to Buy

Anand Damani

Consumers do not always consider all available information and make rational choices. There are many heuristics and biases that affect purchase decisions. Anand Damani applies the powerful principles unearthed by behavioral science like loss aversion, cognitive overload, social proof, endowment effect and many other powerful behavioral science techniques to influence consumers in the last mile to act.

Advertising is useful for building awareness of the key benefit of the brand, but consumer decisions can be influenced to a far greater degree when they are actually in the ‘buy’ mode. You will get simple, low cost, scalable nudges at this moment of truth which is far more effective at making consumers act in the desired way.

For example, behavioral science studies have shown that increasing the size of the shopping cart gets consumers to buy more or letting consumers know that lots of other people bought the particular product makes them buy too.

Applied behavioral science can lead to increased sales conversions online as well as in stores, improved customer experience and increased new-product adoption.

In this consultation session Anand Damani will identify the context and the desired actions, come up with the Behavioral Design solutions based on the powerful principles of behavioral science.

Damani uses behavioral science for clients like Franklin Templeton, The Economist, Cyient and others.

On Geniecast, Damani has done casts for clients like YPO Next Generation. YPO is a global community of chief executives dedicated to becoming better leaders with 24,000 members in more than 130 countries.

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