Motivational Speaker Ricky Kalmon Delivers! Ricky Kalmon delivers programs that will change the way you live, work, and think. His motto, "Change the way you think, and you can change your world™," truly reflects the content of his motivational empowerment program. It's an experience that has benefited college and professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies and audiences worldwide. By unlocking the power within, he reveals how the subconscious mind can be the greatest tool in reducing stress, increasing productivity, and creating success! Kalmon's extensive experience with motivational keynotes, seminars, coaching, and long-term support to all levels of organizations will help you create a culture of accountability that enhance personal and professional success! RICKY KALMON OFFERS REAL TAKE-HOME VALUE…Reduce stress and tension to perform at their fullest potential!Unlock Your Selling Ability!Create a positive attitude, happiness, and the ability to overcome challenges!Awaken and inspire their subconscious mind to affirm and tend to their goals, desires, and passions!Boost confidence and belief in themselves!Enhance a culture of personal and professional accountability!Employee engagement that promotes awareness and action to create success!

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Unlock Your Selling Ability

Ricky Kalmon

Regardless of your business, sales is about offering solutions. Unlocking Your Selling Ability™ keynote program offers your team key elements to be more conscious of becoming a problem solver and solution provider. In addition, the program offers ways to enhance mindset, reduce stress, and create success, as well as techniques to increase confidence and positive attitude and overcome challenges. This program is customized to enhance your products, services, and overall corporate culture.

Confidence and beliefs are incredibly strong, especially in sales. They have the power to attract emotions, actions, and outcomes. If you doubt your ability to succeed, then, in fact, you actually believe you WON’T succeed. Then sure enough, you have hypnotized yourself based on your beliefs.

what you get

  • Last up to one hour
  • Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is a login from a unique location)
  • Include the two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio) and dedicated support