Carol Whitaker knows firsthand what it takes to transform oneself from the inside out. She went from being chronically ill to thriving joyfully and abundantly as a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother. She shares her life-changing principles as an in demand speaker, coach, and author. Carol is passionate about motivating and inspiring her audiences to achieve unlimited success. In her acclaimed book “Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams" Carol guides readers step by step to help them create and achieve lifelong results in transforming their lives. As a highly sought after Media Expert, Life Transformation Expert and Lifestyle Fitness Mentor, Carol is well known for the remarkable transformations she creates in her clients' lives. She is dedicated to empowering men and women around the world to believe in their inner power to accomplish their goals and dreams. As an influential Motivational Speaker Carol entertains, motivates, and enlightens her audiences by sharing her heartfelt experiences of how she overcame her personal health issues to become all that she is today and sharing takeaways to improve their quality of lives. Her gift of expressing how to step into one's power to triumph over hardship is captivating and invigorating.
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Unleash Your Magnificence Within

Carol Whitaker

Unleash Your Magnificence Within: How to tap into your inner power to live a extraordinary life. Why it’s important to step into your power and believe in self to live a life filled with purpose, happiness, and fulfillment.


* Steps to connect with your magnificence within to love and believe in yourself fully.
* Tools to release limiting self-beliefs to free your mind to be happy and empowered.
* How to know what your life purpose is.
* Steps to create attainable goals and achieve them.
* How to create a reality board to help make your dreams a reality!
* How to let go of the past to embrace a glorious future.
* Tips to remap your subconscious to create a new mindset.
* Keys to continually live in your power to live an extraordinary life.

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  • Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is a login from a unique location)
  • Include the two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio) and dedicated support