Helen Raleigh, CFA, was born and raised in Communist China. She arrived at America in 1996 as a student. She knew no one and had less than $100 in her pocket. Like millions of immigrants with a craving for freedom, her pocket was light but her dreams were rich. Through a combination of hard work and scholarships, Helen earned her master's degree in business economics from the State University of New York, College of Oneonta, as well as a master's degree in business administration from the University of Wyoming.

Over the years, Helen worked for several fortune 500 companies, including Citibank. She has over 16 years' experiences in the financial services industry in areas ranging from pension funds to risk management. She also holds the “gold standard” investment industry designation — the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter certification.

As a dynamic and highly sought after public speaker, Helen's speeches have captivated audiences in the US and China. She is best known for making complicated concepts simple, personable, and actionable. She frequently headlines radio shows, conferences, dinners, and events. Her experiences of living through two different social economic systems as well as her immigration journey give her a unique creditability and authenticity to speak on topics such as entrepreneurship, immigration reform, and doing business in China. She will leave the audience awed and inspired.

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Understanding China Before Doing Business in China

Helen Raleigh

China, a $11 trillion economy growing at 7 percent annually, is a never-before-seen force reshaping our global economy. Many people have travelled to China. Even if you have never been to China, you can feel China’s presence through many “made-in-China” products in your daily life. Yet China still remains a mystery to many Westerners. Many businesses who had already opened shops/factories in China failed. But many more want to find a way to access the massive Chinese market. Before you start doing business in China, you should understand China first.

Helen Raleigh, CFA, was born and raised in Communist China. She left China for the U.S. to pursue her MBA in 1996. She speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English fluently. Having lived in both China and the U.S., she understands the challenges Westerners face when doing business in China and is well-versed on what important aspects that Westerners need to know before they go to China.

Helen’s talk on China goes beyond simple cultural norms that a typical cross-cultural training focuses on. Instead, she takes a deep dive in China’s history, politics, economy, and culture. Audience will walk away with a fresh perspective and new understanding about China like never before.

Key Takeaways:
– The Chinese market and Chinese people are more diverse than you think
– Chinese people are united by a common cultural heritage
– Understanding the basics of Chinese culture and its implications will help you do business in China

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