Linda Cahan, Cahan & Company has been in Visual Merchandising, Store Design and Display for over 30 years. Her experience includes visual merchandising and design for traditional department stores, specialty stores of all sizes and types, and large corporations. She has worked with all kinds of merchandise ­ from high to moderate fashion, soft and hard lines including gifts, appliances, computers, auto parts, machinery and tools. Linda’s strengths include all aspects of visual merchandising and display as well as training staff in each discipline through seminars, workshops, walk-throughs, hands-on sessions and manuals. Linda has written custom visual standards manuals for many companies including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lancôme Cosmetics, American Express, Singer, United Rentals, The Bowling Proprietors Association of America, Taubman, and two large retail companies in Colombia, South America – Totto and Armi Studio. William Lorenzen, Assistant Visual Director at Saks Fifth Avenue during the late 90’s wrote the following in the front of the SFA Corporate Visual Merchandising Manual: “Linda Cahan of Cahan & Company was hired to edit the entire work and add her objective viewpoint as a visual merchandiser but also as someone from the outside who had never worked for Saks Fifth Avenue. No other person who has never worked for SFA knows as much about visual merchandising as she and I doubt anyone ever will.” Cahan taught at Parsons School of Design in NYC for 12 years and currently teaches one class at the Art Institute of Portland. Linda lives in the Portland area of Oregon and consults and lectures extensively around the world.

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Turning Customer Craziness Into Sales

Linda Cahan

Understanding the psychology of what people respond to will help you give customers what they want. What gets people to buy from you instead of your neighbor or the big box down the street? How and why people buy starts with the experience they feel when they see your store. Learn how to increase the positive experiences for your customers using the knowledge of how they shop, how they’d prefer to shop and what simple, affordable and small things you can do right now to increase your sales and your customers positive perceptions of your store.

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