Ayelet Baron is a futurist and true global citizen. Her worldview was developed while living and working all over the world. She has been there, done that in the corporate world both as an executive and an entrepreneur. Her last role after over a decade at Cisco Systems was as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Cisco Canada, where she helped propel Canada from the sixth to the second- largest revenue-generating country for Cisco. Most recently, she was an Innovator in Residence at Roche/Genentech where she introduced new ways of working. Her book about the future of work, “Our Journey to Business Common Sense,” is a journey of possibilities for the 21st century leader who can imagine a new path for business as a force of good in the world. Ayelet is the real deal thought leader. She loves talking about 21st century business and what is possible for business as a force of good, where people are at the heart of business. As co-creator of CreatingIs, she envisions creating new markets instead of competing, building connected networks and communities and working in abundance rather than scarcity. Ayelet was a Cisco Leadership Fellow where she wrote a guide to social media for 25+ NGOs and led ICT in Healthcare initiatives. She helped start a technology center with a group of youth in Kibera, Kenya. She is on the Board of One Heart Worldwide, focused on maternal health, and a big supporter of No Kid Hungry.

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Thriving in the 21st Century: How to Navigate Disruptions

Ayelet Baron

The shifts that are taking place are moving us from an Industrial economy, where we hired laborers, to a Knowledge economy, where we hired minds and experts to today’s emerging human-to-human purpose and experience driven economy, where people become the heart of business. In the 21st century, business is personal. The opportunity is to shape a new face of leadership and business in this new human economy.

Technology is disrupting every facet of our lives from sensors to driverless cars to how we access data; it’s all changing and will continue to change faster than we can imagine. These changes will have an impact on our quality life and business. Business leaders need to pave the way for 21st century leaders who can build thriving organizations with shared purpose, a mindset of wholeness, an ability to integrate people around purpose, introduce new ways of working and co-creating through trusted communities and unusual partnerships. This is the best time to understand how these new technologies can also cause mass opportunity for those who take action now in creating thriving 21st century organizations.

In this session Ayelet talks about why the future of work is already here as we live in an open and connected world where it is easier to connect and have random collisions with people from around the world. The key to the 21st century is the ability of leaders to create space and bring together the right people at the right time to focus on their top opportunities. In this session, you will become increasingly aware of why connected networks and trusted communities are key to your future success in leading in today’s world.

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