When something changes things, how do we thrive with the future? Peter McGugan is a best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker. Meeting planners have rated him among the top ten speakers in America. California's Society of Association Executives rated him their speaker of the year twice!

Peter is an expert on topics like beating burnout, thinking things through, managing change, tracking trends, improving memory, and making better life choices. By weaving visuals, practical techniques, and demonstrative film clips into his presentations, he'll show you proven ways for thriving with the future.










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Think It Through

Peter McGugan

We live in an impulsive, immediate gratification hyper-speed society, striving to keep up with technology and too often making immature or impulsive choices. Thoughtless people cripple the productivity of whole organizations. But that can be changed by discovering the habits of people who think things through. Canadian Peter McGugan is uplifting, participatory and empowering, with his irresistible common sense. Discover the secrets of achievers who first get clarity and then make informed choices. The audience gains logic and reasoning skills, so they’re more productive, heard, honored, included, and successful. Incorporate these new skills for situation management and sustained success so your organization is more successful and you’re not just putting out fires.

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