Cate Trotter is an experienced and engaging speaker who delivers public and private presentations all over Europe. She heads up Insider Trends, a London-based retail trend consultancy that helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail spaces. It does this by clarifying what's coming next in the world of retail, and what clients can do to get ahead of their competitors.

Cate regularly presents to groups of all sizes, and to brands such as Unilever, Chanel, Absolut Vodka, Marks and Spencer, Philips, B&Q, DeLonghi and Lego. She is used to presenting to senior team members–Chief Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers and Presidents of global companies are often present for her talks.

Cate specializes in navigating complicated subjects and boiling them down into a handful of powerful takeaways. Cate is friendly and kind and always puts the audience's interests before her own. Her presentations stand out by making great content and powerful insights the star–she only spends 25 seconds telling the audience about her agency.

Cate launched two successful businesses in her twenties, leading to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur. Her entrepreneurial background means she is able to talk from experience in her presentations, rather than an ivory tower.

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The World in 2035

Cate Trotter

The next 20 years are likely to contain more change than the previous 50. Cate Trotter will explain why our world will change so much over the coming two decades, the megatrends that will have the most influence, and how you can use these to push your business forward instead of under.

Having helped Lancome, Hermes, Stabilo, Credit Agricole and others, Cate presents a clear framework for a subject that others find complicated. She’ll cut through the hype so you can identify the key issues to prioritize and act on, putting your business in the lead. This presentation contains insights worth thousands to your audience.

Your presentation is likely to include:

– Some of the amazing ways that our world is likely to change—and why the future is brighter than ever before.
– Some of the mind-blowing innovations that are already live—showing that the future is closer than you think!
– The new mindsets, business models, and technologies helping businesses grow at astonishing rates.
– Recommendations for how traditional businesses can adapt, so they too can innovate in new ways and grow exponentially.

All of Cate’s presentations are tailored to your audience and its specific needs. When you book, you’ll be invited to set up a call with Cate, to discuss your specific interests and challenges.

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